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Results-oriented, temporary partnership whereby leaders explore major themes in their work-life balance and leadership approach through self-reflection, psychodynamic tools, and feedback.

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Honest, open reviews about our coaching and workshops.

"Immediately welcome, immediately right. Recommended."
Sonja De Greef
Head of Sales & Marketing
"BrainatTrust is progressive because it has the courage to make essential matters negotiable. It elevates individual affairs to something universal. It uses a sustainable, constructive approach that can be suitably filled in at any time, for each organization and individual. Valuable intrinsically humane approach."
Barbara De Beurme

Frequently asked questions

Who should take the BrainDive test?

Are you at a crossroads in your career?
Are you doubting whether you made the right career switch?
Do you keep reflecting on decisions?
Do you have difficulties coping with failure or stress?
Are you and your team not in line?
Do you want to move forward with your team, but don't know how?
Does your team have hidden commitments?
Does your team need a concrete action plan?
Do you wish to learn more about yourself to be able to reflect and grow as a person?

If you answered YES at least once, then the BrainDive test and coaching trajectories are definitely for you and your team!

Can you take the BrainDive test without follow-up coaching?

Yes, you can. Your guidance needs depend on your personal situation. Some people will learn a lot from the test report and can start working on themselves using the personal tips from the report. Others need more guidance and context. From our personal experience, we recommend at least combining the test with one session of Motivation Coaching.

Does BrainatTrust also offer customized assessments and trajectories?

Yes, we do! On the website, we have displayed the most common assessments and trajectories. Based on your needs, we can adapt these trajectories or build a fully customized one. Contact us to explore how we can achieve the guidance you need.

Is BrainatTrust open to partnerships?

Yes, we are! We have established many partnerships already. Shared knowledge and experiences are the keys to success! We are always open to exploring synergies and common goals between both parties. Contact us to set up a call. Together we might be able to reach and help more people.


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