The BrainDive Test

The BrainDive test is a unique and innovative approach to unlock individual potential and align team dynamics for increased productivity and performance.

Design and development

An artificial intelligence algorithm based on semantic networks

Attaching weights to words

This network of semantic associations, containing more than 200,000 words, is developed by Mindspeller, a spin-off from the KU Leuven computational neuroscience lab. The Mindspeller team established a semantic network of motivation drivers (connection, achievement, power, and freedom), each consisting of sub-motivations, indicating the motivation regulators used to pursue these motivations.

The principle of ‘network of semantic associations’ attaches weights to words or word combinations, depending on the semantic distance to 20 unconscious sub-motivations. This method is similar to the Google search engine, where if you type the first letter of a word, associations are suggested that may be searched for. This approach excludes human error and makes the semantic network more efficient.

Built together with

We wouldn't be where we are now, if not for our amazing partners that helped to develop the BrainDive test.


Higher precision than psychodynamic consultants

Excluding human bias

To test the artificial intelligence algorithm, over 200 start-up founders (2-5 years of experience, leading a team of 3 to 30) were assessed. This was performed independently by two psychodynamic consultants from the University of Osnabrück, specialized in the PSI theory and accredited by Prof. Julius Kuhl, the founder of the PSI theory.

When assessing the same subject with a time interval of two weeks, the psychodynamic consultants categorized only 52 % of the founders in the same motivational subcategory. This human bias is excluded in the algorithm of the BrainDive test, as the algorithm behind the test was trained with reverse engineering. Ultimately, the BrainDive test proved to be accurate in 80 % of the cases.

Some impressive stats of the BrainDive test

5 partners

Supported the development of the BrainDive test: 2 universities, 1 psychodynamics institute, and 2 technological companies.


Words were used to train the AI network of semantic associations, which is the foundation of the BrainDive test.

80 %

Accuracy rate of the BrainDive test when comparing with the results of interviews of psychodynamic consultants.


Frequently asked questions about the BrainDive test

What can I learn from the BrainDive test?

Did you know that 85% of our actions are determined by the unconscious mind? Many of our drivers and reactions are rooted in early childhood experiences. It is important to understand what lies underneath our psychological iceberg to enable growth and change. Not only for our benefit, but also the benefit of others, our workplace, and society.

Taking the BrainDive test will give you an overview of your conscious and unconscious drivers and the difference between both. This will help to describe how you function in a team: what are your causes of distress, how should team members communicate with you. Furthermore, it provides you with an overview of your best-developed self-management skills, your least developed skills, and how you handle situations of fear, complexity, and failure. You will get dozens of digital tips that will help you grow on a personal level.

What is the theoretical model behind the BrainDive test?

The BrainDive test is based on the Personality Systems Interaction (PSI) theory of Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl (University of Osnabrück). Dr. Kuhl tried to integrate various psychological perspectives (Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, Carl Rogers, and many others) with the results of brain research. The PSI theory is, therefore, probably the world's most comprehensive personality theory.

The BrainDive test is based on years of psychodynamic research into the conscious and unconscious macro-systems of brain functioning. What are the macro-systems of brain functioning? These are complex methods of thinking, feeling, sensing, and intuiting (learn more). Those four major macro-systems of brain functioning were linked to four major groups of human motives: our conscious and unconscious energy sources.

What makes BrainatTrust unique is that the BrainDive test uses the AI technology of semantic networks to map unconscious motivational drivers and functioning systems of the human brain.

Is the BrainDive test scientifically validated?

Yes. The test was built together with Mindspeller and the University of Osnabrück with the help of INSEAD Business School. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, our groundbreaking psychometric BrainDive™ test carefully draws upon a database of over 200,000 observations, which was tested in 200 start-up leaders. The results have been compared with psychodynamic interviews and the accuracy rate is 80%.

How does the BrainDive test differ from other personality tests?

Most personality tests put people into boxes. The BrainDive test does not do this! We believe that people can have various drivers, some more present than others. Whereas other tests focus on conscious answers, the BrainDive test focuses on both conscious and unconscious ones by varying between traditional multiple-choice questions and psychodynamic drawing interpretation questions.

In addition, other tests would describe primary reactions such as being introverted or extroverted, fearful or robust. The BrainDive test describes also secondary reactions. These are self-management skills that indicate learned ways of overcoming the primary reactions. However, these skills are not seen as a set of fixed immutable traits, but rather as a fluid system that leaves room for change and growth.

What can I do with the results of the BrainDive test?

BrainatTrust not only offers the BrainDive test with a fully digitalized report and personal growth tips. We also accompany you during online and offline coaching sessions. This combination supports you very effectively on your path towards personal growth to become a strong and effective leader. Based on the BrainDive report we provide various coaching trajectories and workshops. We can help with personal development, leadership development, and improving team dynamics.

Together with years of personal experience in management positions and coaching, we present a fully holistic and integrated approach to bring you to top performance.