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The 40-min BrainDive Test takes you through a series of questions about yourself, your conscious and unconscious behavior, and how you function in a team.

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Self-awareness is the key to own leadership and is about understanding yourself, your conscious and unconscious motivation, and your triggers for change.

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In our coaching sessions, we will guide you in discovering the hidden motivations behind your behavior, and provide the right tools to reach new levels of personal leadership development.

85% of your leadership decisions are driven by your unconscious mind

Many of these drivers and reactions are rooted in early childhood experiences. Understanding what lies underneath our psychological iceberg becomes a gateway for enabling human potential and change.

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Frequently asked questions about BrainatTrust

What is the mission of BrainatTrust?

Too many leadership teams are malfunctioning. 
Too many leaders do not understand their team.
Too many teams do not agree with the rational decisions taken by the leader.

The result is that the leader and the team do not feel comfortable in their skin and are underperforming.

BrainatTrust wants to substantially improve the professional and private well-being of leaders and teams by increasing their insight into their own conscious and unconscious motivations, mapping their personal and interpersonal areas of tension, and proposing a plan of action. We help create inspiring leaders and cohesive teams!

Who should take the BrainDive test?

Are you at a crossroads in your career?
Do you keep reflecting on decisions?
Do you have difficulties coping with failure or stress?
Are you and your team not in line?
Is your team missing leadership qualities?
Does your team need an action plan to move forward?
Do you wish to learn more about yourself to be able to reflect and grow as a person?

If you answered YES at least once, then the BrainDive test and coaching trajectories are definitely for you and your team!

How does the BrainDive test differ from other personality tests?

Most personality tests put people into boxes. The BrainDive test does not do this! We believe that people can have various drivers, some more present than others. Whereas other tests focus on conscious answers, the BrainDive test focuses on both conscious and unconscious ones by varying between traditional multiple-choice questions and psychodynamic drawing interpretation questions.

In addition, other tests would describe primary reactions such as being introverted or extroverted, fearful or robust. The BrainDive test describes also secondary reactions. These are self-management skills that indicate learned ways of overcoming the primary reactions. However, these skills are not seen as a set of fixed immutable traits, but rather as a fluid system that leaves room for change and growth.

I am a coach myself. Can I use the BrainDive test for my coachees?

Yes, you can. The BrainDive report is ideal to get more nuanced insights into the conscious and unconscious drivers of your coachees.

I. You will learn about insufficiently tapped sources of energy and sources of energy loss of your coachee.
II. You will receive an overview of their causes of distress, personally and in a team.
III. You will get feedback on their most and least developed self-management skills.

To get certified, you can follow a four-day training to get the fullest out of the test. During this training, we will explain more about the models behind the test, how you can interpret the results, which other psychodynamic tools you can use and how to guide your clients.

We will give you access to the tool so you can dispense the test very easily to your coachees. You can get a license (unlimited number of tests) or order a specific number of tests. Contact us for more information.

What can you do with the results of the BrainDive test?

BrainatTrust not only offers the BrainDive test with a fully digitalized report and personal growth tips. We also accompany you during online and offline coaching sessions. This combination supports you very effectively on your path towards personal growth to become a strong and effective leader. Based on the BrainDive report we provide various coaching trajectories and workshops. We can help with personal development, leadership development, and improving team dynamics.

Together with years of personal experience in management positions and coaching, we present a fully holistic and integrated approach to bring you to top performance.


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