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We have a positive, stimulating, confrontational attitude that brings out the best in every leader and team. Working with people is our passion!

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We are passionate Leadership Coaches

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We strive to reveal and improve the hidden drivers of executives, founders, and executive boards and teams. We work at the intersection of psychodynamics, behavioral economics, and systems thinking. Together with years of personal experience in management positions and coaching, we present a fully holistic and integrated approach to bringing teams to top performance.

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Meet the founder

Marcia De Wachter
Dr. Marcia De Wachter was a top executive at the National Bank of Belgium for more than 30 years and held different mandates in banking and social areas.

In 2020, she graduated as master in Consulting and Coaching for Change at Insead Business School, where she specialized in the psychodynamics of leaders and teams. Together with the universities of Leuven and Osnabrück, she developed the BrainDive tool.
"I experienced many unsuccessful strategic exercises in my career, as well as many assessments of people that in no way corresponded with their true motivations and talents. How demotivating!

With BrainatTrust I have the ambition to substantially improve the professional and private well-being of people by increasing their insight into their own conscious and unconscious motivations, mapping their personal and interpersonal areas of tension, and proposing a plan of action."

Some impressive stats of Marcia De Wachter

30 years

of battling tough management and business challenges.

First woman

To obtain a PhD in economics from the University of Antwerp and to become Vice-Governor at the National Bank of Belgium in its 168 year history.


'Exceptional Woman of the Year' by the Belgian government in 2011.


Frequently asked questions about the team

What drove Marcia to start BrainatTrust?

"I've always been interested in psychology. As an economist, this is a bit of a contradictio in terminis, as economy always embodies rational expectations. Throughout my career, I discovered that nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing is rational. Everything is rather psychological. I've been an economist for whole my life. At the end of my career, I want to become an entrepreneur and give something back. As 85 % of our decisions are driven by our unconsciousness, I want to make clear that people need to take the unconscious into account when making rational decisions. That is what I want to pass on with BrainatTrust." (Marcia De Wachter, 2021)

Why the name 'BrainatTrust'?

The brain includes the rational and the irrational. We want to evoke the unconscious in the head. We want the head, heart, and gut to be in one line. When those are in line, your vulnerabilities will be able to surface. And when others acknowledge your vulnerabilities, they will want to protect you. This will create a 'tribe' feeling, which will bring more trust to the team. Therefore the name, BrainatTrust: the brain seeking trust.

How experienced is the team?

Marcia De Wachter has more than 30 years of experience as a leader, as well as a keynote speaker, executive coach, and business consultant. Guiding executives and management teams through change and inspiring them with new insights is her passion.

Each member of the coaching team is carefully selected by Marcia based on experience, know-how, and fit.

Can I join the team as a coach?

We are always looking for new coaches in the BrainatTrust coaching network. Contact us to set up a call. Together, we can explore the possibilities.