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What To Do When You Are At A Crossroads In Your Career

April 27, 2022
Marcia De Wachter

How to tell you are at a crossroads?

Do you have reached a point in your work life where you've had enough? Are you itchy? You want to work differently, improve relationships that are key to your success, grow as an individual, and find more meaning and joy in what you do every day! This is a sign that you are at a crossroads in your career.

You might feel confused, unsure, uncertain, and even fearful in taking this next step.

Here's what you should do.

1. Determine what makes you tick!

Spend some time thinking about what exactly makes you unsatisfied or gives you stress. Do you need to change the way you are working with teammates? Are you not satisfied with how you are handling difficult situations? Do you need a new challenge or change careers?

Determine what drives you and does give you energy. If you don't know how to do this, you can use the BrainDive test and even learn what is both consciously and unconsciously driving you.

2. Envision the perfect life!

If anything was possible, what do you really really want? Where would you do it? What would you do? Whom would you be doing it with? How big is the change you need to make? Do you need to leave your company to do that? Take some time to answer these questions.

3. Get an outside perspective!

Talk about it with someone else. This can be a friend, a colleague, or a coach. A professional coach can help you to clarify where things went wrong, identify patterns of behavior that are standing in your way, establish priorities of what is essential for you, and delve deeper into your goals and needs.

4. Get out of the building!

Explore the possibilities. Use your network. Take the first step and do some research. Talk to someone who has experienced similar struggles. How did this person solve this? Is there someone who has your dream job? How did this person get there? Don’t wait until you are paralyzed.

5. Make a plan!

Which actions do you need to take to get there? Set deadlines and goals to keep you on track.

Crossroads Coaching

A tiny step of courage is always a good place to start!

Allow yourself the time to go through this process in a supportive environment that feels safe and confidential. Crossroads career counseling might help.

Our Crossroads Coaching can help you bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. We help leaders discover what is important to them and strategically plot a course toward their next professional step.

Get in the driver seat of your own life